UK alumnae claims Miss Kentucky crown

July 24, 2014
Ramsey carpenter

The top five Miss Kentucky contestants are pictured above. Ramsey Carpenter, center, was named Miss Kentucky earlier this month. Photo courtesy of the Miss Kentucky Pageant.

Newly-crowned Miss Kentucky, Ramsey Carpenter ’14 ED of Hartford, is postponing her budding teaching career for a year as she sets out as a representative of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. “As the top five dwindled down, each time a runner-up position was called out I thought, ‘I am still standing here. This dream might really be coming true!’” she says.

She’ll be working with the Department of Agriculture, reaching out to people with her platform of spreading awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and preparing for the Miss America pageant, which is set for Sept. 14.

UK Alumni Association members: Look for a full-feature article about Carpenter in the winter issue of Kentucky Alumni magazine in November.

UK alum helping to make Louisville neighborhood a better place

July 22, 2014

UK alumnus Theo Edmonds helped secure a $250,000 national arts grant for Louisville and its ongoing project to develop a Creative Innovation Zone (CIZ) to fuel citizen engagement in the Smoketown neighborhood. The CIZ will place artists and innovators in advisory and supporting roles in revitalization efforts in order to find new ways for themselves and the community to work together to create new opportunities in education, environmental design and entrepreneurial activity leading to more jobs.

One University of Kentucky alumnus is helping fuel citizen engagement in a downtown Louisville neighborhood.

Theo Edmonds ’13 FA recently helped to secure a $250,000 arts grant for Louisville to develop a Creative Innovation Zone known as Ideas 40203, a place where artists and innovators will assist with efforts to find new ways to benefit their community. Their efforts will be focused on the Smoketown neighborhood and will consist of coming up with ways to create new opportunities in education, environmental design and entrepreneurial activity.

The grant was one of only 55 awarded by ArtPlace America out of a pool of nearly 1,300 applicants. To learn more, courtesy of UK Public Relations & Marketing, click here.

Commonwealth Stadium coming together

July 17, 2014

Renovations are ongoing at Commonwealth Stadium! While the project isn’t expected to be completed until 2015, the stadium will be open this season for home games. Check out these photos, courtesy of UK Athletics.

Commonwealth Stadium Renovation1

Comm Stadium 2

UK produces ecofriendly mosquito management research

July 15, 2014

The University of Kentucky is home to a broad amount of research that helps not only those in the Bluegrass state, but in many cases, those across the country and the world.

Take the case of MosquitoMate, for instance, a biopesticide technology that can be integrated with existing mosquito control methods or used alone.

The new method was discovered by professor and researcher Stephen Dobson and his former graduate student and UK alum, Jimmy Mains. An important advantage of this proposed method, which targets only female mosquitoes, is that chemicals in traditional pesticides have the potential to harm beneficial insects, such as bees, butterflies and others.

Learn more about the new ecofriendly discovery via the video above, courtesy of UK Public Relations & Marketing.

Meet the Saha family

July 10, 2014

Legacies and families have always played an important role at the University of Kentucky.

Meet Sibu Saha, the chairman of cardiothoracic surgery in the College of Medicine and his son, Shubin Saha, horticulture extension professor and specialist in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Both have given back to the university by working to conduct a variety of research in their respective fields, sometimes even crossing paths and working together.

It gets even deeper than that, though. Becky Saha, Sibu Saha’s wife, previously served as the president of Friends of the Arboretum, and Amanda Saha, Shubin Saha’s wife, is an academic coordinator at the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Talk about a Big Blue family! Learn more about the Saha family by watching the video above, courtesy of UK Public Relations & Marketing.

seeblue. U brings future alumni to campus

July 8, 2014

Thousands of incoming Wildcats have been visiting campus recently in anticipation of the upcoming school year as part of the university’s orientation, seeblue. U. We are excited to welcome our newest round of future alumni!

See Blue too

Future Wildcats

See Blue U2

Six UK alums honored for historic preservation efforts

July 3, 2014

BG Trust

Six University of Kentucky College of Design alumni were recently recognized by the Blue Grass Trust (BGT) for their historic preservation efforts.

Those honored were executive director of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Division of Historic Properties and state curator David Buchta ’05 DES; and architects Sarah House Tate ’59 AS, ’71 DES; Scott Guyon ’83 DES; Jeff Pearson ’75 DES; and Maureen Peters ’87 DES.

Buchta received the BGT Public Service of Preservation Award for overseeing the restoration of such projects as the Kentucky State Capitol Building, the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion and the Kentucky Old Governor’s Mansion.

Tate and Kelly each received the BGT Clay Lancaster Heritage Education Award for research on Lexington architect Ernst Johnson, while Guyon, Pearson and Peters each received the Clyde Carpenter Adaptive Reuse Award for their building conversion designs.

Learn more here, courtesy of UK Public Relations & Marketing.


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